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100m Pounds Investment

Tier 1 Investors Scheme for Immigration to the UK if You Can Invest In the UK

If you are already a business person or an entrepreneur and have plans to doing business in the UK by investing funds in the UK, you may be eligible to apply under Tier 1 (Investors) Scheme under the New Points Based Immigration System for the UK.

To qualify under Tier 1 Investors scheme for UK Immigration or Investors Visa for the UK you need to have your own funds of £1,000,000 which can available for transfer to the UK and must be invested in the UK in stipulated manner in a Business or industry.

You do not need to demonstrate the knowledge of English language or access to maintenance funds for applying under Tier 1 Investors scheme.

You can apply for Investors Visa within the UK if you are in a category that allows you to switch immigration status within the UK or if you are applying for extension of Tier 1 Investors Visa. You can also apply from outside the UK under Tier 1 Investors scheme, however there are some differences for the applications within the UK and outside the UK.

Rules and requirements for UK Visas under Tier 1 are changed frequently by the UK Border Agency, Home Office and we update this page on a regular basis. You should bookmark the site and visit this section regularly if you wish to apply as an Investor to get latest information. If you wish to discuss your case in detail or if you have any specific queries please contact us using our contact us page and we will be happy to respond.

This section deals with your application as Investor wising to come and settle in the UK as an Investor, however if you are a businessperson living outside the UK and wish to visit the UK for Business on a Business Visa, we can help you. We can also help you if you wish to setup a business in the UK and wish to depute someone responsible from your company as a 'Sole Representative of Overseas Firm' to setup the company. Please contact us so that we can help you

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