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Accounting services

Accounting service hotline 02077665253
- Self-employed, partnerships, tax registration, declaration
- Corporate tax statements, and each year the Inland Revenue Department replaced the company's annual shareholders address
- Accounting bookkeeping and year-end report
- Wage tax and payroll P60, P45, P46, P35, P11D
- Value Added Tax (VAT) registration, tax returns and canceled
- The company's profit forecast, cash flow analysis report
- Tax avoidance, and solve a variety of tax issues
- Audit and audit report preparation
Professional accounting services for business immigrants - 200,000 Tier 1 (EN)
- Highly Skilled Migrant Tier 1 (General) to renew the professional accounting services

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Company Addres: Room 22 11 bear street London wc2h 7bp (China Town, Leicester square underground)
Purple Star Consultant 2010