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2012 Application Guide University of Cambridge

As the world's top schools, the University of Cambridge each year in addition to the ranking of the world and the British School in the forefront of the difficulty of admission can be regarded as the highest in the world, especially in undergraduate applications is highly competitive, undergraduate students how to successfully knocking leading to the door of the University of Cambridge it? Here is finishing undergraduate application for a comprehensive guide to the University of Cambridge.
  The basic concepts of the Cambridge Admissions
  Direct access to the University of Cambridge Home Cambridge Admissions Information Network, for the applicant to provide the most complete Cambridge enrollment plan and all relevant information. Cambridge, all courses are divided into three categories: undergraduate courses (UndergraduateCourses); graduate courses (GraduateStudies), including master's and doctoral; there are some special courses such as Business Administration Master (MBA), skills training, summer camps, entrepreneurship training, all educational programs are considered here.
  To apply for Cambridge undergraduate
  If you want to apply for a Cambridge undergraduate, the general approach is to read the pre-university in the United Kingdom or Commonwealth countries, they call the "A-Level equivalent to Chinese high school, the school system two years. Hong Kong, Singapore and other Commonwealth countries and the United Kingdom education system, so after they graduated from high school directly to apply for a British University. In Cambridge, there are a lot of Chinese students in Singapore secondary school and then directly admitted to an undergraduate at Cambridge University.
  The A-Level examinations and the "entrance", like to enjoy a high reputation in the country, many Britons are proud of "A-Level examinations. Excellent A-Level examination results can become a student life worth bragging. The first year of matriculation, called "As-Level students can choose courses according to their interests but not less than three families. The second year is called "A-Level students need to select at least three subjects of the conduct of examinations, of course, there are many students choose five subjects, or even 7 families. The mathematical foundation of the Chinese students is relatively thick, so more elective mathematics. Each course per week 2-3 hours, if not the make-up a total of six exams, the best results are A Each student in two years by at least 18 test. Examination time from the beginning in May and June. Cambridge, Oxford, the results are basically three A, China's outstanding academic achievement of students, as long as a good foundation in English, study hard, get three A not so difficult. But Cambridge, the selection of students, not mainly to see the results, but the performance of the student interview.
  Cambridge and Oxford the special status, and two elite unique college system. And other UK universities, dozens of colleges in the two schools is the protagonist of Undergraduate Admissions, University of Cambridge and Oxford University only in the side to help recruit who does not recruit who have the final say by the Institute. Cambridge has 31 colleges, in addition to several graduate studies college, all the other colleges are independent undergraduate students enrolled. College is a competitive relationship, student achievement is directly related to the reputation of the School, each College are hoping to pick the best students. Each student based on their professional and preferences selected College, one can apply the six colleges, and then the College through the layers of screening the selection of students. Some colleges, especially famous, especially of application, some college application, Cambridge, there is a system, is the "pool" (Pool) did not apply for six schools were admitted but in line with the basic conditions students into the "pool", so that did not recruit enough college selection.
  Apply for Cambridge and Oxford undergraduate than other UK universities much earlier cut-off date for applications is October the year before enrollment, so you should prepare the application materials as soon as possible. Cambridge and Oxford, not everyone can apply, all applicants must be where the prep school principal recommended, recommended the main basis for the first year of the matriculation examinations, performance in school, the teacher's evaluation. College students receive application materials will be invited to the college of interest to come to the interview, the holidays of Christmas time in December. To several interviews, students need a day or two in college. January will get the interview results, a total of three possibilities: first, Cambridge, conditional notice (ConditionalOffer), only how the results admit you made in the "A-Level examinations, such as the three A or 2 A, and so on, the more they want you to ask the lower. Second, the "pool" into the University, other colleges to choose a College may give you to arrange an interview, this is called "winter interview (WinterInterview), is not in the winter, but alluding to This is the last chance. Third, that is, without more ado be rejected, there is no room for maneuver, even if your exam scored seven A is useless.
  Key undergraduate interview
  We may have to apply for Cambridge undergraduate in addition to the results of this fixed target, the real key to determine success or failure is the interview. Different mode of education in China, the interview in the student assessment process in the UK, occupy a very important position, from primary to secondary school will accept a variety of interview exercise. Different schools, different professions, the contents of the Cambridge admissions interview may be very different. Interviews about four games, at least two games every 30 minutes up and down, the examiner is not the same, their academic background may be completely different way of asking questions may be totally different, so guess the examiner in advance did you difficult to want to test. The examiner know that you may be nervous, will not ask you too strange, do not think you should know what they want to prove that you are learning potential of successful completion of the Cambridge academic.
  They talk to you, your communication skills and thinking ability; they may teach you a professional some of the basics, see if you can not judge the whole; of course there are many other aspects of the assessment. All the problems may not be the correct answer, no matter how you answer, the examiner to see your critical thinking than anything else. They want to be selected for the College extremely smart, savvy high students, a teaching will thoroughly, creative, imaginative, and often give the examiner a good impression. For overseas students, the interview may come into contact with some strange words, did not understand to be sure to ask in the expression of the difficulties, dancing Ye Hao, drawing list or we must allow the examiner to see your thoughts. Interviews and written, are no shortcuts to go. Faced with a deep internal strength of the master, you have nothing to hide. Must be confident, as much as possible within the limited time to show their talents, to make the examiner believe that you can become a Cambridge student. An interview down, even if you feel examiners eyes You're nothing it does not matter, must be calm and persist in the end.
  Also in the Cambridge admissions information online in recent years, various professional and all College enrollment data, within our capabilities according to their actual situation, not to indulge in the hottest professional and colleges, 6 to select a reasonable match. Some hot professional, less and recruit students, recruit ratio may be only 5%; specialist recruit students to enroll proportion can reach 20% to 30%. Various colleges every year organized several "open" (OpenDay), so that students want to apply for a visit to the campus to understand College. These are the basic introduction, specific details are subject to the latest official sites.
  Cambridge Professional choice
  Professional choice is also a concern to many people a problem. Cambridge, there are over one hundred system, more than fifty of Britain's largest faculties are world-class level as a benchmark. Although the method and selection of personnel is not the same, Cambridge selection of students is quite strict, choice of profession must combine their interests and academic background. Science students are more likely to find their counterparts in the professional. Engineering mainly in Engineering, Engineering, Cambridge, inclusive, in electrical engineering in the Engineering Department's. The liberal arts are also very detailed, linguistics, English, law, politics, economy, history has, of Arts language requirement is very high. Management of the economy, the Cambridge Business School is a good choice. If you think of the Cambridge school Sinology, Oriental Department (OrientalStudies) China and Japan, as well as the name of the Needham Research Institute, where some British classical very professional.
  In short, the University of Cambridge Academic highest in the world. Extremely strict requirements for students. However, seen from the above description. Cambridge University does have the qualifications of the world's top elite. No matter the angle from which to review and appraisal of the university. Are on the world with admiration.

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