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British Citizenship

British Citizenship Application/Naturalisation as a British Citizen:

British Citizenship Application OR Application for Naturalisation as a British Citizen is first step in getting UK Passport. Citizenship Application or Naturalization Application when approved, makes you eligible for attending the Citizenship Ceremony. When you attend Citizenship Ceremony you receive the Certificate of Naturalisation as a British Citizen under British Nationality Act 1981, and you are British Citizen from that date onwards. Once you have received the Certificate of Naturalisation, you can apply for UK Passport.

You have to submit the Citizenship or Naturalisation application by post and there is no same day premium service available. However, once we prepare your Citizenship application, you can take it to Nationality Checking Service at your local Council where they will check the application form and supporting documents, will take photocopies of all the supporting documents and then they will forward the Citizenship application to the Home Office. This way you can avoid sending your passport to the Home Office and can travel outside the UK while your UK citizenship application is under consideration. Please note that there is a fee payable to Nationality Checking Service and they do not help you with completing the application form or supporting documents.

You can apply for British Citizenship or British Nationality after you have lived in the UK for at least one year or 12 months without any immigration restriction or 1 year after UK Residency. This means that you can apply for British Citizenship after 3 years continuous stay as Spouse or Partner of some one settled in the UK or 5 years under eligible immigration categories such as Work Permit, HSMP, Tier 1, Tier 2 etc. The most important criteria for British Nationality is 12 months continuous stay in the UK after Indefinite Leave To Remain in the UK.

HSMP Services Limited will be happy to help you on your Journey to British Citizenship and Application for UK Passport, which involves following steps after getting approval for Citizenship Application

Citizenship Ceremony
UK Passport Application

UK Border Agency, Home Office has announced that the Rules for British Citizenship will be changing from July 2011 and there will be provisions for Probationary Citizenship for one year before full citizenship will be granted. In view of this, if you have already been granted ILR, and if you complete 12 months after ILR before the new rules are implemented, you should submit your Naturalisation application as soon as you qualify for British Citizenship

If you have come to this section on British Citizenship directly but do not qualify for UK Citizenship, you may be able to follow the links below to find out if you can apply for a UK Visa or Entry Clearance or Leave To Remain in the UK, under a category which leads to British Settlement and Citizenship.

If you are planning to apply under Tier 1 (General) Scheme or need to apply for Extension of your HSMP Visa, we will be happy to offer professional help. We are registered with OISC, UK as Immigration Advisors and we have been helping Highly Skilled Migrants in Immigration related matters for almost five years now.

What are other Tiers or Levels of UK Visas?

1. Tier 2 Visas for the UK

2. Tier 3 Visas for the UK

3. Tier 4 Visas for the UK

4. Tier 5 Visas for the UK

We will keep updating this site as well the sections related to Points Based Immigration System of the UK and we would like to suggest that you bookmark this page and visit this page at regular interval.

If you are planning to apply under Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 4, Tier 5 or for ILR (Indefinite Leave To Remain or Naturalisation / British Citizenship, we will be happy to offer professional help. We are registered with OISC, UK as Immigration Advisors and we have been helping Highly Skilled Migrants in Immigration related matters since 2004.

Please contact us today to fix an appointment to discuss your
Naturalisation as a British Citizen.

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