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Why should emigrate to Britain?

First of all, the United Kingdom is one of the most developed countries in Europe and the world, has a stable political situation, law and order, sound infrastructure, the quality of high-quality and high-quality education.London is one of the world's financial center and capital markets mature and developed.Secondly, Britain is the birthplace of modern liberal democracy, independent judiciary, freedom of speech, respect for human rights, the protection of private property.Britain to allow dual citizenship.Choose to haveunimpeded access to the vast majority of countries in the world, holding a British passport no longer worry aboutafter World War II 'third way'for business travel visawith the United Kingdom and Germany and France and other European countries embarked on a 'welfare state 'roads and free medical care, free education, various kinds of welfare relief, fair beyond efficiency, the primary criterion of the level of development.Children under the age of 16 can enjoy free education, more than a legitimate visa to enjoy free NHS treatment.In addition, the rich cultural heritage, clean natural environment, the higher the quality of the population and multicultural pooling is attracting immigrants charm.

For details, see: shen-me-yao-yi-min-ying-guo


How to invest to emigrate to Britain?

Immigrant Investor (Tier 1 Investor), also known as the £ 1 million of business immigration.

Compared to the traditional Canada, Australia, the U.S. investment immigration, the UK Business Immigration has incomparable advantages as follows:

First, the source of assets requirements.Traditional Canadian, Australian investment immigrants projects require the applicant to issue the declaration of assets by legitimate sources.However, for developing countries like China, a rapidly growing, due to the special conditions, to be a sound audit, a tax collection system, this provision appears to literally set up certain obstacles to the applicant.

In contrast, the United Kingdom has just modified investment immigration policy, this provision has been canceled, the new policy only requires the applicant to provide full proof of assets, the coexistence of at least three months can be.Assets through inheritance, gift, any form of business management, investment in securities, futures trading, the requirements are very flexible, these provisions greatly reduce the threshold and difficulty of the application.


Second, business management and experience requirements.Canada, Australia investment immigration requirements for the principal applicant has three years of successful business management experience, or overall management of a for-profit company for more than three years, the UK business immigration policy does not require that the applicant is experienced, successful business people, does not require proof of a business report or investment report, as long as 18 years of age, you can apply as the principal applicant.


Third, the risk-free and rewarding. And fraught with risk and instability of investment gold and the immigration of the commercial development project, and hundreds of millions of Canadian dollars Canadian immigration deposit, the United Kingdom purchase £ 750,000 investment in government bonds immigrants is the best insurance and risk, on the contrary, the higher than bank savings interest rates will bring you a very stable income.


Finally, the British investment immigration program the English proficiency of the applicants without any requirements, other requirements in addition to the funds relatively loose.


Funded in part, can also take the way of financing or mortgage.However, finance or mortgage requirements is £ 2,000,000.That is, if you are not able to demonstrate that cash deposits of £ 1 million, but there can be a mortgage of £ 2,000,000 property, real estate or other forms of assets, we will join the Swiss bank to provide you with a loan of £ 1,000,000, to solve your financial predicament.


UK business immigration policy, there are some of the advantages of the operational level, such as the application cycle of the longest three months of time, material preparation is simple, broad language requirements, the applicant can apply their own source of income for their parents.

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