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Married spouse visa discussion

The Government has recently launched another to discuss immigration restrictions on family.Affected the type of immigration: a civil partner, spouse, unmarried or homosexual partner, dependent minor children and adults in need of support, and maintenance of the elderly.

Discuss will focus on the following recommendations:

1, what is real and ongoing marriage, the more clearly defined, "to help identify false marriage and forced marriage", such as requiring the couple to understand a common language, living together for more than a year, you can provide each other with each other accurate personal information, as well as other reasonable ecological evaluation of the application or immigration criteria.


2, the main purpose of the new rules, a couple before being granted an immigrant visa or residence permit, must show that: on the basis of their marriage, immigration to the UK than emigrated to any other country in greater and more satisfactory .


3, the new rules of "a spouse", in order to contain a series of patrons into the application process, guilty of bigamy the crime of false marriage will be prohibited to enter the application process up to 10 years the identity of donors.


For funding (Funding couples and their dependents and dependents), introduced a new minimum income threshold for family immigration in order to ensure adequate support and protection as a basic element of the integration of immigrants.(Specific details have asked the independent Migration Advisory Committee to make proposals.)


5, will apply to settle in the United Kingdom or grants the trial period be extended from 2 years to 5 years.


6, the inability to self-sufficiency, the need to assist the family, immigration introduced a full

The new five-year probationary period, and confirmed its authenticity on the tightening of rules (in fact very close).


7, a couple settled in Britain, must be confirmed with living together for more than four years or more, must complete a new five-year probationary period, rather than as now, to immediately allow them to settle in Britain.


8, immigration applications, requiring couples and dependents under the age of 65 adult relatives that you can use in everyday English (EU Community language requirement B1 class level) than the existing Class A1 increased.


In England and Wales, false, legitimate defect marriage case, found similar suspicious circumstances, given the authorities power to delay marriage.


10, to cancel the full right of appeal for family visit visa.


11, for some categories of migrants, forced to buy health insurance (mainly for the older relatives), and tuberculosis screening.


Negotiate the terms of the previous look like a partisan political struggle and irrelevant "fluff."To better define a real and existing marriage is ridiculous, because these things is the exact things to consider.Ministry of the Interior really need to do is their better staff training, rather than legislation in some ways like this.As for the revenue side, the Ministry of the Interior over the years is a confused "full" inspection, the visa officer used a more sensible approach, the minimum income level.More or less, the false, the legal defects of marriage sounds like nonsense, because in any case, the parish priest and the marriage registrar has the right to organize a false marriage.Therefore, these terms does not help.


In all terms, we try to find a useful suggestion:


This will be a popular protection mechanism, not as social services departments of the UK Border Agency, this mechanism is generally reliable, it has done a good, steady work to carry out such assessments.

In addition to irrelevant "fluff", there are some terrible, terrible recommendations.The "primary purpose" recommendations clearly and openly against ethnic minorities by a contact to their home country.The right to give up the family visit visa complaint is too much success should be condemned, and further services will only undermine the visa application with the outside world, family visit visa resolution is difficult to pass.Also, minority family in a foreign country, when their relatives were refused entry due to weddings and funerals, they will suffer losses.Extension of probationary period to five years and bring it to determine the relationship between couples and the need to support adult relatives, it seems like the punishment and deterrence.


The Administration to clearly convey its message: it does not like immigrants, more like minority immigrants.

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