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Sole Representative Visa

The Immigration Rules provide that sole representatives of overseas firms which have no branch, subsidiary or other representative in the United Kingdom are not required to obtain a work permit. Such a person does, however, require prior entry clearance (visa/entry certificate) for which application must be made at the British Embassy, Consulate or High Commission overseas. With an application, the following information must be provided:


Ø  a full description of the company's activities with details of the company's assets and accounts including full details of the company share distribution for the previous year;

Ø  confirmation that the overseas company will establish a wholly owned subsidiary or register a branch in the United Kingdom;

Ø  the applicant's job description, salary and contract of employment;

Ø  confirmation that the applicant is fully familiar with the company's activities and that he/she has full powers to negotiate and take operational decisions without reference to the parent company;

Ø  a notarised statement from the company that the applicant will be their sole representative and that they have no other branch, subsidiary or representative in the United Kingdom;

Ø  a notarised statement confirming that the company's operations will remain cntred overseas;

Ø  a notarised statement that the applicant will not engage in business of his or her own nor will he or she represent any other company's interest;

Ø  the applicants passport.


Applications will normally be decided overseas but occasionally it may be necessary to refer an application to the Home Office for further enquiries and a decision. In that event it would take some time before a decision is reached.


If the applicant is successful he/she will, on entry to the United Kingdom, be given leave to enter for 2 years initially. At the end of that time he/she may apply to the Home Office for an extension of stay. The applicant should then supply evidence as follows:


Ø  a letter from the parent company stating that they wish to continue to employ the applicant as previously;

Ø  evidence in the form of accounts of the business generated (this form can be flexible according to the nature of the company's business);

Ø  evidence of the salary paid to the applicant in the first year of operation and the terms on which the salary will in future be paid;

Ø  evidence that he/she has established and is in charge of a registered branch or wholly owned subsidiary of the overseas parent company;

Ø  the applicant's passport.

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