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Work visa

The Tier2 visa, this visa is a new convert to the previous work visa, after the introduction of the new T2, the original work permit to be replaced, and also the Points Based System.The need for employers and employers to achieve the qualification can hire foreigners, the employer must say that this work of the United Kingdom and the European Union who would not be suitable.Such a visa up to three years, the accumulation of five years can also apply for permanent residency, the country can also apply.Applicant's qualifications, professional, occupation, work experience, assets, especially the English proficiency score requirement.Applicants are subject to the homeoffice the website provided on the scoring system on their own with the conditions control rate to achieve the minimum score standards in order to apply for a British visa.In terms of English language proficiency, applicants must pass a specified examination may apply for a visa.English, such as the applicant failed to meet the requirements of the examination can not be specified, even if the total score to achieve the minimum standards still can not apply for a visa.The Tier2 visa before you apply for a visa according to the second level, the applicant needs to produce a guarantee that those holding employers invited to fill vacancies for skilled workers of the British labor.The UK company must also prove that it can not be recruited from the local to the needs of technical employees, and this vacancy has been done in the UK recruitment advertising.Employers are also required to obtain a permit issued by the UK Border Agency in order to provide job opportunities for technical staff.Career has been recognized as the technical vacancies, recruitment and vacancies made specific arrangements.

A list of required information:

  • The applicant should provide at least the following documents:
  • Fill in the completed and signed visa application form
  • Signed signed passport
  • The correct visa fee
  • A recent passport-size photographs (requires a white background)
  • Letter of employment of the employer in the UK
  • Britain's employment contract
  • Present job / income proof and translation
  • Education / professional qualifications and translation
  • English language proficiency
  • Household registration book / card account and translation
  • Please note that all bank certificates of deposit with its certificates of deposits, the translation submitted together

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